Executive Profile

A management team is a mosaic of diverse talents and attributes. The effectiveness of the team must take precedence over the skills of its individual members. However, to build an effective team, individual strengths and weaknesses must be understood and shared so that job responsibilities align with each team member's behavioral characteristics and inherent skills. Behavioral assessment and modeling capabilities have become an invaluable tool in evaluating the individual components of a management team, and, thus, the team's eventual effectiveness. In the past, I have utilized the services of CI Profiling, Inc. (www.ciprofiling.com) to develop detailed profiles of executive team members. The profiles provided by CI Profiling have proved invaluable in matching executive talent with the optimum job responsibilities. Please feel free to contact Jim Dovick, President of CI Profiling, to discuss my profile or learn how his firm's capabilities can help your organization.

Terry Wakefield Executive Profile



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